Classic Converse

Today’s just another lazy day at the office… or my dorm room, if I’m being specific. This hopefully is the shortest post I’ll ever write, me and my photographer have been off of our game lately. I blame the cold weather.

For all of you Converse lovin’ gals out there, here’s an article from July of 2013 on the many ways to wear your Converse! It’s from one of my favorite fashion sites, This site is the best so I highly suggest digging around and seeing all it has to offer. TONS of fashion advice, that’s what! Though the article is over a year old, it provides awesome new ideas that I’m sure will do us all a little good in this conformist world we live in. I’m hoping this will inspire y’all to mix it up a bit and do something other than wear your favorite sneakers with a pair of leggings and an abnormally large t-shirt. If only I had some Converse to style with myself…. (psttt Mom)


Click here to be redirected to the article:


One thought on “Classic Converse

  1. As I’m reading this, I’m sitting in a history discussion wearing an oversized t-shirt, leggings, and converse #waytocallmeout but thanks for the help because maybe I’ll be sassy and wear leather leggings this weekend with them 🙂 Thanks oodles much for the amazing blog! Xoxo


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