The Making of a Tasteful Turkey Day

Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday for three reasons:

1. You don’t have to worry about buying the perfect gift for your extremely picky dad

2. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade always gets me in the mood


It’s yet another lazy Tuesday on R3 today and unfortunately this won’t be the last because as we all know, it’s exam season. To make up for my laziness, I did a little digging on fun and easy ways to decorate for Thanksgiving by using things might you have around the house! And of course with the help of your favorite arts and crafts store. I cannot take credit for any of the pictures shown below. Honestly I’m a little nervous that I might be busted for plagiarism of some kind for not citing my sources… can that happen? Oh well. Y’all won’t tell on me, right? Big thanks to Pinterest and Google for this one.


I think this is adorable… I’d suggest painting the tips metallic gold or a warm hue! Or maybe a pretty shade of blue to stand out on your Thanksgiving table. But who doesn’t love a good pop of pink?


I love the idea of writing down what you’re thankful for at the dinner table. Cut out a piece of construction paper and call up that one friend who has the awesome handwriting. Perfect table talk and makes for a cute decoration!



Get a little crafty and make a cute banner to put over your mantle! For the first idea, go outside and grab the best looking leaves you can lay your hands on. All you need is the leaves, some paint pens, and a string to hang them with! Knot the string around the stem to make the leaves hang down right.

For the second, go to the nearest Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby to find some cute sticker letters. Cut out pieces of construction paper and stick them up with clothes pins. Super easy.


How convenient that the example I found for this easy DYI was the letter “c”? I guess I get lucky every now and then. I’m assuming to make this you would need a very large letter cut out of some sort (ply wood or sturdy paper), but this one looks totally free-handed! Try glueing a bunch of sticks in the shape you want them without any backboard and if that doesn’t work, go for the ply wood. This would look so cute hanging on the front door!


Try not to fight with any squirrels for these acorns, considering it’s hoarding season for them. Every man for themselves. Sponge paint some pastels onto the tips of the acorns to create the vintage/faded look. What I would do is a tall, skinny, clear vase with them and put it on the mantel or just scatter the acorns around the center of the dinner table.


Metallic spray paint and mother nature are all you need for this! And maybe a sharpy. I personally think this would look even more rustic if you use different metallics on each leaf! Silver, copper, bronze… maybe even throw in a bold red to really make a statement.

The Food Network came up with a few really great ideas for decorating with food so click here to find out more! 

THIS WEBSITE IS GOLD. The Budget Decorator has so many cute ideas for decorating your holiday table under a budget. Look at it. Right now. Go.

If you’re super green, check out this site to see how you can reduce waste during this winter season: 

Have any of you heard of Popsugar? Popsugar gets me. So thanks, Aunt Dana, for introducing me to a world full of monthly goody boxes and kick-butt decoration inspiration. With that in mind, you should definitely click this link. It won’t disappoint. (#2 is my favorite)

I did think of a few ideas on my own:

Take all the canned goods you don’t end up using for Thanksgiving and bring them to the Food Bank that night! You could even bring your cooked leftovers to a homeless shelter or the soup kitchen! (That’s a given, I know. But it won’t hurt to remind y’all!)

If you still have those fake cob webs from Halloween, use them to make flowers stand up in a vase. Not a clear one though, I’m thinkin’ that would look really gross awful… Wad the webs up around the base of the stems to keep them together and upright!

You can gold leaf anything. It’s messy but the final product always turns out really well, regardless of if you’re good at it or not. Just go to town with it and you’re more than likely to be satisfied.

As a final note, I just wanted to thank all of you so much for reading and supporting my blog! It’s been incredible to receive your positive feedback and love. It’s such a blessing to know that people believe in me. Styling is something that I’m incredibly confident in, so thank you all from the bottom of my heart for helping me get to where I need to go to pursue this. And I’m even getting a few clients!! I hope to keep your interests for as long as I can. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

**Feel free to contact me if you would like for me to tune up your closet**

P.S.- How cute is this little cookie bag?! Perfect for “Friendsgiving”!


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2 thoughts on “The Making of a Tasteful Turkey Day

  1. I’m commenting on this because Friday night your going through my closet with me.
    That’s all, can’t wait to see you and the rest of the SA’s – I LOVE YOU!!!!


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