Myrtle Makeover

For December’s TBT, I thought it would be really cool to take things way back. My best friend, Carley, has been taking her late grandmother’s clothes and re-wearing, reusing, and recycling the heck out of them for years. The Pere family is very handy with a sewing machine. Mother Myrtles’ dresses have been used for Carley and her sisters’ school dances and Carley wears other articles of her clothes all the time! They’ve done an incredible job of transforming these classic gowns into modern party dresses. Keep reading to see how Carley wears some of my favorite pieces from her grandmother’s wardrobe!




IMG_3340 IMG_3343

Shoes: Lulu’s

IMG_3346 IMG_3348


To make this dress up to date, Carley took the sheer layer of fabric off of the top and cut off the sleeves. The skirt was floor length, so she cut off the bottom half to make it a short party dress! Perfect for winter formals, a winter wedding, Christmas parties, and New Years Eve (I wouldn’t suggest wearing this to a NYE frat party, though…).


Jeans: American Eagle || Shoes: Vertage




IMG_3359 IMG_3360

Is this not the coolest vintage sweater you’ve ever seen? If not than I need to see whatever you’ve seen… This oversized-sleeved sweater has a tan multicolored (look closely) wool fabric that makes it extremely warm and extremely versatile. The shirt Carley is wearing was also Mother Myrtle’s, but it looks like something you could find at any boutique these days. The pleats on it give some texture, and even though it’s a summer top, the pleats create a thicker look great for fall.




This dress is my absolute favorite. It’s just as awesome as it is strange. Something like this is rare to come across! I love the subtlety of the top and the boldness of the bottom. Carley didn’t do anything to edit this gown. But I guess if you wanted to cut it short, it’s definitely possible to make it more party-worthy. Personally I wouldn’t touch this masterpiece unless it was for a good nip and tuck. This would look even cooler with a gold chain collar or gold chandelier earrings and a statement ring.

T-shirt: Urban Outfitters


IMG_3373 IMG_3376

This is such a timeless skirt. Though I’d be tripping on it, it’s a perfect tea-length on Carley. Matching it was a little tricky though, so sticking with an solid colored tee was the way to go for today’s purpose.

Here’s just a few more of our favorites that couldn’t go unnoticed!:


I had a dress exactly like this in 7th grade from Urban Outfitters and if I could still fit into it today, you best believe it’d still be in my closet. No alterations done here!

IMG_3379 IMG_3382 IMG_3384

This dress used to be formal with long sleeves. The bottom had more appliqués like the one shown above. Chelsea, Carley’s oldest sister, wanted to keep as much detail in the dress as possible, so she chopped the dress asymmetrically to give it a completely new look.

IMG_3385 IMG_3386

Carley wore this dress to our Winter Formal sophomore year and I remember everyone loving it. All she did was cut the skirt– instant hit. She recreated a blue one just like it and wore that to one of our school dances, too!

Hopefully this post will inspire you all to dig through grandma’s closet; there’s no telling what you’ll find! Thanks to Carley for letting me be the photographer for the day and being my muse for this month. I foresee a Ford Modeling contract in your future. And a very special thanks to Mother Myrtle up in Heaven– based on your wardrobe, I feel we would’ve gotten along greatly.


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