What Not to Wear

Ignore the title for a second because I have a few announcements:

  1. HAPPY 2015
  2. I decided to post more than just fashion– I’ll still be doing my regular daily outfit posts, but I’ll also be talking a little about my daily thoughts, experiences, etc… as a blogger and a writer, I realized it’s extremely helpful (almost a healing experience, actually) to write about whatever is on your mind. So that’s exactly what I’ll be doing! WordPress (who sponsors my blog) offers daily prompts for their bloggers, so I might even have totally random posts just because the prompts are so random. Writers’ block gets to me every now and then, so it’ll move me and my blog along. I might even change the title of my blog… still deciding on that one.
  3. I did some remodeling! New year, new blog, new me, blah blah blah. I love the new look, I hope you do, too! The buttons to share are still at the bottom of each post. But to follow, see recent instagram pictures, get to my hits, archives, and links to other blogs I follow, you have to scroll to the very bottom of the site.
  4. With my new semester schedule, I’m not sure which days will be best for me and my photographer (shoutout to Bailey Boudinot) to post! So I’ll figure that out when I get back to Lafayette and keep y’all updated. I might just post at random.
  5. In case anyone wants to keep up with my progress, here’s a page generated by WordPress of my stats and achievements from this year! I can’t thank you all enough for helping me reach such high accomplishments over the past 4 months! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next and find out where this blog takes me– I complimented a girl in a bathroom on NYE on her outfit because she was saying that she had tucked one of her old homecoming dresses into her pants to make it look like a shirt (great idea if you can make it work, which she did) and she told me that it meant a lot coming from me… yes, that did bring tears to my eyes. So thank you girl in the bathroom stall, shoutout to you for being a loyal follower 🙂 Anyway, click here to see the cute/festive presentation of my annual report—> https://r3bycaroline.wordpress.com/2014/annual-report/

*rant over*

Back to the subject matter. I decided to make my New Year’s Resolution to stop being judgmental. To get it out of my system, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little people watching [insert sly smirking emoji here]. So over the past couple of months, I’ve been super sneaky and have been taking pictures of terribly dressed people. In no way is this post meant to be offensive or hurt feelings; I simply want to show everyone what not to wear. I’ve blurred out all faces for the sake of protecting their identity and in the hopes of not offending anyone, not that I actually knew any of these people…There’s a difference in lacking style and lacking taste. I searched far and near, short and wide for these poorly dressed people– from the Galleria in Houston to the streets of New Orleans. With the help of my friends, family, and freaky fast iPhone camera, I’ve created the ultimate guide of how not to dress. So without further ado, I present “What Not to Wear”.


Does anyone remember why Northfaces were considered a fashion accessory? Yeah, me neither. This grown (basic white) woman was walking around NOLA on NYE in this white fleece jacket over a pink sequin dress. If you’re over the age of 10, these items shouldn’t even be considered. I’m not saying you shouldn’t own a Northface, but I am saying that you shouldn’t even think of pairing it with sequins.


From first glance, you’d think this was relatively normal. But look again. This is a guy. Wearing Nike shorts… He does have some pretty nice legs though so you do you, kiddo.


I found this woman in a daiquiri bar in Laffayette. Don’t get me wrong, I still rock the Uggs every now and then, but definitely not to a bar and with a tight dress… Girls- I beg of you; don’t do this.


Sweatpants, socks, and sandals… cute. This was also in the daiquiri bar and on the same night. Within a time span of about 20 minutes, actually. Keep it classy, Laffy!


Now this wasn’t too bad, it’s just a weird combination. This women I found in Houston was wearing a denim button down dress with a cashmere scarf and stilettos.. and I’m pretty sure she wore this somewhere nice because the man she was with was in a very fancy suit. Also it was about 30 degrees outside and this is not a dress you would want to wear when it’s cold outside.


Whoever put this display together in the Galleria should be fired… Just sayin’. Gwen Stafani doesn’t even dress like this anymore. Which means you shouldn’t either. Sure the patterned leggings are in style, but this plaid pair looks like PJ pants. The gold sequin and black mesh get up are fine for one occasion and one occasion only: New Years. When you’re 14.


Like I said before, Uggs are cool (I guess) but please don’t wear sequined cheetah print ones with a matching cheetah print blouse… (Also notice the socks + Toms look going on in the back)


NOLA never fails me when searching for wrong outfits. This picture is very fuzzy because it was taken from a balcony, but this girl was wearing a grey sweatshirt with a shin length baby pink skirt on NYE. And some kind of weird head accessory.


This is my personal favorite. Albertson’s, thank you for bringing this woman to me. I don’t even know how to critique this, it’s just so funny… New Years hat with newspaper printed pumps, yes please! The fact that her denim skirt is that long yet too short at the same time makes it even better.


Uggs and a ball gown- is this a new phenomenon? This woman was wearing this while leaving a ball this weekend and I didn’t see any heels in her hand. I really wish I had, though, for her sake.


Okay I love a good pair of ripped jeans, but this is a little extreme. If the whole is bigger than the size of your leg, the pants should probably be thrown out… A rip at the knee is just enough.


I understand that the oversized tee and leggings are in style, I wear it all the time– but come on people this is a little much. Love the Disney socks Amelia!! (Yes this is my little sister mwahahaha)

If I have any male followers, here’s a little tip for mixing and matching suits! Ladies, show your husbands, boyfriends, brothers, etc.



I hope you all enjoyed my ode of awful outfits 🙂

|| stay stylish ||


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