Hot Hair or Not Hair?

Rainy days lead to random internet finds. Since the weather is so nasty, I don’t think I’ll be doing any outfit blogging this week. Hopefully I can do something on Sunday though so be on the look out for that! I’m just ranting today. I know I’ve been doing that a lot lately, but I’ll be able to get back into the grove of things soon! Anyway, today after class I was on Facebook (the adds are so entertaining) and I follow TeenVogue’s account. I’ve been a religious member of the TeenVogue community since I was probably 11… They keep me updated on the latest trends and all things Hollywood. It’s kind of like my Bible. Today they posted a link to the “hottest new hair trend” so I clicked it out of curiosity- because as an aspiring stylist, I have to stay on top of things, right? The link lead me to this:


Pixelated hair. PIXELATED HAIR.  Y’all this might be the worst upcoming trend since Crocs. Actually it’s way worse than that… partially because I’m guilty of owning Crocs back in the day but who didn’t? Honestly nothing compares to this. Maybe frosted tips. Apparently this is the new mod trend in the UK. Revlon Canada even used this for their fall/winter 2014 campaign. Holy moly I just can’t even fathom why (or how) anyone would come up with something like this. I mean sure, it’s pretty incredible how a hair stylist can work with dye like that so I give them total credit for creativity. A+ for effort. People are just starting to get used to pastel colored hair and now they’re jumping into this? Slow down, now, you might give grandma a heart attack. Maybe we should wait until cars can fly for this to become a thing. Or let the Jetsons take care of it. My mom doesn’t even like it when I ombre my hair… Hey mom, if I do this would that make you reconsider ombre?! If I see anyone with this “pixelation” in their hair, I will seriously consider keeping a razor on me at all times and shaving each head that has this weirdness going on on top of it. You should all join my movement. How does one even go back to their natural color after doing something this drastic… Also, is colored eye liner coming back in? I wonder if I could find the royal blue mascara I bought in 7th grade… hm, it’s probably best that I don’t. If you want to check out more of this interesting art, go to @xpresioncreativos on Instagram or follow this link ( to be redirected to their Instagram page. I was pretty amazed at what these people are capable of but more confused than anything… Also check out TeenVogue’s say on this new do by clicking the link directly underneath the picture above.

Happy Wednesday; enjoy.


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