Light and Bright

Spring is finally in the air! Transitioning into the next season can be tricky, especially when our southern whether fluctuates as much as it does… To compensate for the hot/cold (maybe bipolar… can air be bipolar?) air that’ll be coming in, light and bright coats are the perfect way to do so! I found this gem at H&M while in New York last month and got it for a discount because it was dirty. Helpful hint: when something you want to buy has a little wear and tear, GET IT. You’ll get a discount on the clothes and will probably end up paying less for both the item and the alteration than you would pay for something in perfect condition. If the cost to fix the damage is less than the cost of the item, it’s totally worth it. And that’s Economics for ya 🙂 Anyway… that’s how I scored this coat for a good price. The baby blue color is really in for spring and the fabric of the coat is a lot lighter than it looks.


Blouse: Forever 21 || Shorts: hand-me-down’s from Elizabeth Sherman || Shoes: Steve Madden || Bead bracelet: Mint

IMG_1103 IMG_1112 IMG_1117 IMG_1122 IMG_1125 IMG_1127

Pastels and neutrals are key for spring. I love the way the bright blue looks against the monotones! I wanted to play on the style of the coat, so I paired it with a sharp blouse and structured shorts. Normally I wouldn’t want to wear pumps with shorts, but the suede and thick heel makes the shoes more casual while still keeping in line with the dressiness of the outfit. Minimal jewelry looks best with a look like this– I’m only wearing diamond studs to give the look a little something extra.


Tee: Gap || Jeans: Neiman Marcus Off the Rack || Shoes: Steve Madden || Necklace: Maven

IMG_1135 IMG_1145 IMG_1152 IMG_1160 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1172 IMG_1177

One of my favorite things to do when styling is to use monochromes and add a pop of color. And nothing is more classic than blue and red! Roll up the sleeves to make the look more casual. The best way to dress anything down in with a pair of jeans. The bottom of my ombré jeans brings in the color of the stripes in my t-shirt, which also ties in with the color spectrum of the coat. My suede blood-orange platforms are the perfect shoe to give me length without dressing up the outfit too much. My favorite evil eye necklace matches them perfectly and is so nonchalant; the necklace doesn’t overpower the easy tee. The only thing missing is a boater hat. Open Closet has the perfect one! Word on the street is that pig tails are making a bit of a come back. If I’m wrong, I give you permission to judge me…


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