Free People Friday

Good news my fellow boho fans– I’ve become an affiliate for Free People! What that means is that once a week, I’m sent links that lead to promotions, sales, discounts.. you name it. So basically I get all the inside scoop on Free People. The links will take you to Free People’s site (duh). So, if you click the link I provide for you on R3,  it’ll redirect you to the site where you can purchase the item and my site is recognized for all sales that I generate. I’m currently working on becoming an affiliate for ASOS, Forever21, Nordstrom, and maybe more. I’ll keep you updated. But as of right now, Free People has all my love and devotion. Every week I’ll be posting links or I’ll add a banner that will take you to Free People and you can explore at your own risk. WARNING: COULD BE HARMFUL TOWARDS YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT. I know it’ll be dangerous to mine… Sorry, Dad, it’s inventory πŸ™‚ I’m still working out all the kinks, but I should be up and running with this program within the next few weeks. I have to get approved by a few companies and deal with taxes and yada yada yada… a whole bunch of legal stuff that I’m totally clueless about. All is good. Check back regularly to see current deals!

Here are the current promotions:

This post is short and sweet and unfortunately doesn’t contain any styling, considering I’ve been extremely busy this week. And for most of April for that matter… I’ve been slacking lately! I intend on picking things back up now that school is slowing down and will hopefully get a few more posts up before the end of the month. But keep sharing and reading anyway!! Like I said before, all positive exposure helps!

Happy shopping || Caroline


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