From White Wash to Light Wash

It’s that time of year again– time to put away the white jeans. I like the idea of light wash denim for the transitional season because it’s too late to wear white and too hot to wear black. So go get some. They’re the best. And what better time to do so now that white bottoms are out and football season is in? Light wash can replace your white wash. My all-time favorites are my Urban Outfitter cigarette jeans. Ripped jeans aren’t exactly hard to dress, but not too many people think to dress them up. I dressed mine on the sporty and chic side of the spectrum. For both looks, I stuck with a black and white color scheme because it keeps it so simple but makes it posh at the same time.


Shirt: Maven || Shoes: Converse || Earrings: Green Serene
IMG_2777 IMG_2788 IMG_2796 IMG_2805 IMG_2821 IMG_2824 IMG_2831 IMG_2832 IMG_2856 IMG_2862 IMG_2864

I broke into my high school home football field for this shoot because why not?  If you’re a cop and you’re reading this, than I have a key. I promise. (Football season=the best time of the year) My sappy self hopped into my old spot in the bleachers and got a little teary eyed…can I be on dance team forever? Anyway, I love the way this baby doll tee looks with my high-waisted pants. The shirt is almost cropped, so the fact that my jeans hug my waist make it more flattering since you can’t really see my shape. The rim of the shirt is olive, making it’s colors just a tad more appropriate for fall. Labor Day means white shoes are out, but we’re going to pretend like that doesn’t apply to Converse.


Blouse: Maven || Shoes: ASOS || Earrings: H&M

IMG_2870 IMG_2875 IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMG_2887IMG_2890
IMG_2893 IMG_2898 IMG_2896

After looking at these shots over and over again I wish I had undone another button on my blouse… you all get the picture though. One of the easiest ways to dress up your distressed denim is by pairing it with an easy blouse and some semi-formal pumps. The jeans alone dress down the heels and the gold tips on the shoe strings bring in a little brightness. Another way to dress it up a little more is by tucking in the shirt! It gives the jeans more of a dress pant look and will show off the waist line. I love these earrings; they’re the perfect mix of classic and modern. The button and pearl, or the accents, of the earrings make them prim and proper while the fact that it’s a jacket earring brings it up to date with today’s trends. And yes, I know my double piercing is too close to my original piercing… I blame Claire’s on 6th Ave. Getting a double piercing was my idea of rebelling while I was in New York. It kind of backfired sense I can hardly wear earrings in both holes at the same time. Oops:/


September favorites from Free-People:

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