White Flares for Fall

It’s post labor day and that typically means it’s time to hang up the white jeans. I agree, but while it’s still hot as Hades outside I think it’s okay to wear them a little bit longer. Only IF you find a way to mix fall and summer styles! So here’s my first attempt at keeping my Gap flares in season.



Olive is one of my favorite fall colors. I used this vest and crocodile skin boots to bring in fall hues to my all-white ensemble. I used a dainty necklace with accents of burnt red for a bit of a contrast. From the front, I have a lot of volume from the layers of the shirt and vest. But from the back, I’m elongated by the length of the vest and the bell bottom jean that covers my heels.


Top: Gianni Bini || Earrings: Love || Shoes: Steve Madden


Black, white, and a small pop of color is such an easy uniform. This feather trimmed top is still cool, but the texture makes it more of  a fall/winter top. Snakeskin stilettos gave me the height I need in these long jeans. I stole these earrings from my roommate who works at Love in Baton Rouge and they’re the perfect splash of brightness to this monochrome look!

Excuse the low quality pictures, my camera died before I started shooting… Oops.


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