Hey party people, my name is Caroline and I am a raging shopoholic. *Hi, Caroline.* I’m a 4 foot 11, Disney World enthusiast, Maroon 5 obsessed, carb-lover with a deep passion for style.  And no, I am not a legal midget… I love raisinets and Broadway and animals and my family. “Ugly Betty” is my guilty pleasure and I’ve seen all 5 seasons of “Glee” more times than I can count. This might surprise you, but I actually love nature and being outside. Also I’m pretty weird. I used to dance all day every day and miss it like crazy. Fun Fact: I made my own prom dress. As an 18 year old dreamer, I have one goal in mind: TO GET TO NEW YORK. Basically my plan is to be the Rachel Zoe of the south. Hopefully this blog will take off and be my ticket to the Big Apple so feel free to share the heck out of it. Now I’m just as guilty as the next girl when it comes to insisting on wearing an outfit once and only once, but there are ways to rig the system! I’m here to show y’all just how to do that. Rewear, Reuse, Recycle will hopefully give all you fashion-frenzied girls some ideas on how to revamp all the best things in your closet. Dig through mom’s jewelry box, find a sewing machine, and get creative! Caroline is here to help. [insert superhero emoji here]


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